Workers Compensation Insurance in Kern County CAAs an independent contractor in Kern County, there are times when the folks working for you fall into gray areas where you may or may not need workers compensation insurance coverage. Do you fully understand the laws and obligations? We do, and it’s still hard to explain or just depends upon your individual situation. Don’t presume or take the word of someone who “may” know. Protect yourself, your interests and your workers and call the experts at California Contractors Insurance. We’ll give it to you straight and tell you exactly the type of workers compensation insurance you need.

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The worker’s compensation insurance experts at California Contractors Insurance have years of experience in the field of contractors insurance. Each of our highly skilled and certified agents is adept at designing workers compensation insurance policies that will meet the Kern County CA legal requirements and the comprehensive coverage you and your workers need. Do you know what your obligations are when it comes to workers compensation insurance? Don’t guess and hope, find out and get covered. Trust us, you’ll sleep better knowing you have the coverage you need and require. As an independent contractor, you have enough to worry about, let us help provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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Workers compensation insurance and health insurance are not the same things. Know the difference? We do, so call California Contractors Insurance at (888) 728-4034 and we’ll provide you with the right coverage your business needs. Request a free, no-obligation quote today and protect your business and your workers today. You’ll be glad you did.

More About Workers Compensation Insurance

Comprehending Workers’ Compensation Insurance and More

A lot of mid-sized businesses in Kern County will usually have at least a worker or 2. Thus, as a business owner, having some knowledge on how workers’ compensation insurance works will go a long way in saving you a grand headache and financial damages in case something takes place to any of your staff members.

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Kern County CA is an insurance policy that supplies wage replacement and medical costs to your staff members in case they are injured. This policy is in exchange for compulsory relinquishment of their right to sue the company for compensation.

Why This Policy Is Useful

This policy serves to safeguard the company from punitive suits by their workers. Often, the lawsuits can cause financial damages resulting in the business to become insolvent when the damages granted are too high for the employer to pay for. Therefore, this system of cumulative liability was adopted to resolve the concern.

The compensation strategies in Kern County differ amongst jurisdictions. Nevertheless, in general terms, a type of disability insurance in the form of replacement of earnings can be adopted. There will also be compensation for the financial loss for the hurt worker, payment or repayment of medical expenses along with benefits granted to the workers’ dependents in case of death.

As an entrepreneur, you should understand why such an insurance coverage is handy. Apart from saving you from claims that can damage your credibility, it also prevents you from shutting down due to high damages granted to the hurt employee.

The Policy Is Not Standardized

The workers’ compensation insurance policies are managed by the individual states and areas business is located. Hence, there isn’t a single guideline that is followed when granting damages. Thus, when your company expands to other states, it would be prudent to find out from your attorney how the law operates in that area, and therefore you can adjust the policy accordingly.

Typically, damages sought for pain and suffering due to the neglect of the employer as well as punitive damages for the employer are not covered by the workers’ compensation plan. Thus, it would be prudent for the company to make sure that none of their policies or operations directly put the employees at risk of injury even if such an insurance plan is in place.

Not All Businesses Apply

Kern County Workers Compensation InsuranceNot all companies need to have workers’ compensation insurance in place. For instance, small companies (especially sole proprietorships and partnerships) will not require the insurance coverage unless they have workers who aren’t also owners. In some cases, the state laws will allow the owners to get the compensation plan for themselves (as their own staff members) if they wish.

Some states also don’t need the business to have compensation insurance plan in place if the employees are exclusively paid on commission. Depending upon the state, the law might deal with uninsured contractors as staff members in case they are hurt while working for you.

Getting the Plan

As a rule, if you have workers who aren’t owners, then it is a requirement to have such compensation insurance plans in place. Many employers take measures to guarantee that their work environment is safe, but accidents do occur, and incomes are lost as a result. Therefore, getting workers’ compensation insurance will safeguard both you and your workers in the event of a mishap.

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