Commercial Auto Insurance in Plumas County CAVehicles used for business purposes are typically easy to identify and know whether you need commercial auto insurance. But if you use a car, for example, to run business-related errands or transport clients or tools, you may need commercial auto insurance for that vehicle. So in order to not just be in compliance with the laws of Plumas County, but also your own peace of mind, look to the experts at California Contractors Insurance. We provide the most comprehensive and affordable commercial auto insurance in the state. Our coverages are designed for any type of vehicle you have in your stable whether it’s cars, trucks, or vans, etc.

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What can you expect when you work with California Contractors Insurance for your commercial auto insurance needs? Besides the best agents in the state of California, you’ll get the most affordable yet comprehensive coverage in Plumas County CA . Which includes coverage for any vehicle, liability, medical payments, physical damage, hired auto, uninsured motorist, non-owned coverage, and more. You’ll get this coverage tailored by a professional with vast knowledge and experience with commercial auto insurance. This will provide you with the peace of mind you need not to mention satisfying all state of California legal requirements. As an independent contractor, this is the commercial auto insurance you need.

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Regardless of the number and types of vehicles your business utilizes, the knowledgeable commercial auto insurance agents at California Contractors Insurance can provide you with the policy and coverage you need. So call us today at (888) 728-4034, request a quote, or ask a question of one of our friendly associates. You’ll be glad you did.

More About Commercial Auto Insurance

Understanding What Commercial Auto Insurance Is

If your business in Plumas County relies on its automobiles for transportation, then commercial auto insurance is needed. Big companies with large fleets, as well as small businesses with single vehicles need the insurance plan in place.

The commercial auto insurance plan is an insurance plan that covers vehicles that are not covered by individual auto insurance plans, that is, vehicles that are used for business functions. The insurance covers for damages, injuries, and liabilities incurred throughout the use of the cars.

What Is Covered?

The commercial vehicle insurance plan covers all kinds of automobiles utilized by the business, from small cars to heavy commercial trucks (including vans, food trucks, box trucks and service energy automobiles– SUVs). The insurance coverage in Plumas County might also be referred to as fleet insurance or truck insurance.

Because individual vehicles are not meant for business use, they are rated and written off in a different way from the automobiles used commercially. The compensation plans also differ in between individual and commercial auto insurance coverage.

For example, the plan takes in account the commercial automobiles are dealt with by licensed employees in Plumas County CA who are governed by work policies with regards to the vehicles. This helps the insurance company know when and who to appropriate the blame in case of accidents, damages, and even death.

What Commercial Auto Insurance Includes

The commercial auto insurance plan features numerous types of coverage.

• Bodily injury liability: this type of coverage pays for bodily injury or death, in addition to providing with legal defense if your business is at fault.

• Property damage liability coverage: This coverage protects you in case the vehicle damages another individual’s property in the course of business. You might also get legal defense.

• Personal injury protection: This insurance coverage pays for the medical expenses of the occupants in case of a mishap, no matter who is at fault. It is also referred to as the no-fault or medical payments coverage.

• Uninsured driver coverage: This coverage pays for the injuries and to an extent, property damage triggered by an uninsured driver (or in most cases, a hit-and-run motorist).

Other Areas Covered By the Policy

• Combined single limitation coverage (CSL): This is a coverage that provides separate limits that look for physical injury and property damage. It has the same quantity of coverage (in terms of money) that requests either bodily injury, property damage, or whether several individuals were involved in the accident.

• Accident coverage: This coverage pays for your vehicle when it is struck by another item, or when it triggered the crash.

• Comprehensive physical damage coverage: This coverage pays for the vehicle in case of other uncontrollable circumstances like floods, fire, vandalism, and theft.

In Essence

Plumas County Commercial Auto InsuranceThis kind of insurance coverage is meant to protect your business from expensive lawsuits in case your vehicle triggered the accident. It also protects the business in that its owner will not incur the additional cost of vehicle repair or even fleet replacement no matter who caused the accident.

Hence, it’s a no-brainer that commercial auto insurance coverage is obligatory for any business that runs an automobile during its operations.

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